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Sean and Anastasia Forrest were a pleasure to work with.

They are very responsive and organized and can add value to any real estate transaction. They are VERY caring and knowledge realtors that have their clients best interest in mind. If you're looking for a professional realtor that will work hard for you, you've found your team...

Matthew McKay

Anastasia was incredible throughout the entire process.

From finding the home to purchasing it she was there every step of the way! She does her research very thoroughly and really takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders when dealing with the home purchase. We are first time home buyers and found the perfect home and Anastasia assisted us with closing in as little as 10 days!! If you are looking for the perfect realtor, well you found her!!

Ronny Oakes

We recently used Anastasia to purchases a 2nd home in St.

Augustine. Anastasia was wonderful to work with. She was extremely responsive and spent many hours previewing homes for us. She worked diligently to find homes that met our expectations and helped narrow down the choices. During the buying negotiations, Anastasia worked hard to get us the best price. What impressed us even more was her work after the offer was accepted. She helped with the inspections, follow-up from the inspections and made sure we got the important items covered by the seller. Anastasia was great in providing documentation for us as well. She also spent time with us outside of the sale, making us feel more like St. Augustine residents. She has been a wonderful and instrumental part of our new home purchase! We now consider her a friend. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area and resources. We highly recommend her and would definitely use her in the future.

Heather Hugues Wheeler

Sean and Anastasia were amazing through the whole process of us buying our house.

They responded quickly to each question we had and if they were not sure about something, they were right on it to find out what we were asking. I would recommend them a thousand times over.

Monica Dietz

Anastasia listed my townhome for sale we had an offer on the first day of it being listed.

She took the time to write the listing and also pictures of my home were beautiful. Also she is my agent on the home I am purchasing. Very responsive and goes the extra mile to research areas for prospective homes. She is awesome and I will refer to everyone I know.

Paula Poulin

Anastasia is the dream realtor everyone wants to have: knowledgeable, hard worker, always available, extremely responsive.

My experience in working with her for a house search in the Saint Augustine area could not have been better. Anastasia came to extremes like making herself available to visit and inspect the houses I was interested to see in advance of my visit to the area, optimizing my time and making my life so much easier. I wished I had someone like her for all the other houses I bought. Strongly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a property, and I'm sure the experience would be the same with anyone looking to sell a property. Anastasia is just an amazing professional. And a wonderful person. Happy I found her.

Marcus Molina

I contacted Anastasia Forrest because I needed to find a home for my inlaws that were moving to be close to us in St.

Augustine. Mrs. Forrest listened to all of the housing preferences and was very responsive through the entire process. The end result was that she identified a home within minutes of the listing going live and we were the first and only showing of the home which was exactly what we were looking for! I highly recommend Anastasia Forrest.

Erin Twombly

Being from out of state and having chosen Ms Forrest was a great plus for us.

She was easy to talk to which made it easy for her to understand exactly what we were looking for in a home. Our time was valuable and she respected that making sure we saw the best of the best our money could purchase. She is very knowledgeable about the area and returned our phone calls and emails promptly. If you are looking for a great realtor I suggest you go straight to the top. Go with Anastasia Forrest!

Juanita Thompson

Literally the most professional, knowledgeable and dedicated person in all of Real Estate!

Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, Anastasia is the one to turn to. Keep up the phenomenal work! Thank you for all you do!

David Cantero

Anastasia Forrest is an outstanding gem in the world of real estate professionals.

The best recommendation I can give is that Anastasia IS my realtor! Anastasia is extremely knowledgeable about the St. Augustine market and has the skills to match client requirements with listings and condensing that into a manageable property search. Her communication style covers a combination of "E-formats" and good old fashioned conversation (phone and face-to-face). I am one of those mature folks not completely comfortable with "E-communications" but Anastasia made the process comfortable and easy. Through the entire process Anastasia is on top of what has to be done, when, and how. You are never in the dark about what is going on during your transaction. She is there for you from the offer, through escrow, through the quiet period of loan application, and during closing. When she does not know the answer to a question she is willing to say, "I don't know but I will find out for you", and she does. You will get an answer. Anastasia is one of those individuals who demonstrates how good they are in their field and that is the person you want working for you

Frank McMenimen

Anastasia is an absolute dream to work with.

After contacting Anastasia and detailing very specific needs and criteria for a potential investment/vacation rental property, this true professional had a set of potential opportunities ready in hours. In fact, with just one day’s notice Anastasia was able to set multiple appointments, and made herself available for our visit from out of town. Wow. From there I found Anastasia’s level of responsiveness, accuracy and attention to detail unlike anything I’ve seen in real estate. We found, negotiated and closed on a great property in under 30 days. Just fantastic. If you need a realtor that can get the job done, look no further than the Forrest team.

Tony and Catherine Sculthorpe

I was looking for a bigger rental in the St.

Augustine FL area. Anastasia was a huge asset to me in that she sent me daily listings of rental properties and then was with me every step of the way from property viewing to signing of the lease. She was extremely supportive and knowledgeable of the entire process. I highly recommend Anastasia and would love to work with her again.

Helen Hensell

This was my first time buying a home, and if it wasn't for Anastasia's expertise and support I don't know if I would have finished the process.

If it's your first rodeo, it can be extremely overwhelming learning about the process of buying a home. Anastasia was by my side every step of the way. ANY time I had a question about the process or what the next step was after the offer was accepted, Anastasia took time from her life to help me feel at ease. Some of the major things that step out to me along the way are as follows: FHA loans- As I mentioned, I was a first time home buying and I am a school teacher. Being a school teacher, funds are very limited. #America I wasn't even sure if I would be able to get a house. Anastasia helped me understand the FHA process and helped me focus on home I could get with FHA loans. When Anastasia didn't know an answer, she thoroughly researched until we both understood. Septic- Several great houses are on septic tanks and I was very skeptical to purchase a house with a septic tank. After working with Anastasia and Burney Septic Inspections (Shout out), I felt completely fine with the idea of being on septic and now have a better understanding about transitioning a house off of septic. Thank you Anastasia! Smoke in home/HVAC- The house I bought had previous tenants who smoked inside. Anastasia reached out to her peoples and I reached out to my peoples to find the right solution. She contacted HVAC companies for me to find out if it was doable to get the smell out. Two weeks later, my home smells smoke free. I am so grateful to have had a realtor who didn't see me and my first home as a simple transaction. Anastasia genuinely cares about her clients. Negotiating and Closing Cost- This was crazy to me. When you decide to purchase your first home, you feel all the things. Anastasia was adamant about offering the right price because of the stench of the house and the minor work that needed to be done. I won't get in to details, however she got me a ton towards closing which helped buy down my interest rate even more. Can we say Anastasia is pretty equivalent to the bomb dot com. Follow up- As I mentioned. I wasn't a transaction. Anastasia cared for my new home and myself like family. Even after closing and weeks after, she checked in on me to make sure everything was perfect for me. Thanks for being awesome Anastasia, I wholeheartedly recommend her as your realtor.

Matthew Davis

A true superstar.

Anastasia is great at attention to detail, organized, and communicating back with the customers. She was able to get a mutual client's townhouse under contract in 3 days!!!..... like I said... superstar!!!

Jason Packo

Anastasia reached out to me the first day I began my journey of house hunting.

I was not sure what I wanted and was very new to the home buying experience. Anastasia stuck with me through my poor communication at some points, and she guided me through the real estate process with patience and kindness. I ended up with a home I absolutely love and a new friend!

Cameron June Johnson

Decided to start looking for a places after the thought of renting a home.

My family has bought from her before and I was able to have her as my realtor! By the next day, I was able to look at a few condos! I found the place and was able to submit the contract the same night! She checks up on me throughout this process and has been so helpful! I will definitely have her as my realtor for life! Thank you Anastasia for all that you have done for me! I appreciate it, closing soon!!!! ????

Erin L. Poulin-Harding

Anastasia was a great fit for our first time homebuying experience - she understood what we were looking for in a way that only someone of our age bracket could.

She listened attentively to the feedback we gave on places in our "just looking" phase, and was willing to spring into action when we suddenly found the perfect place for us! She was in constant contact with us throughout the process, and was extremely available for all kinds of inquiries. In the even I had a question she didn't have an immediate answer to, she took the time to research and give a thoughtful and in depth response rather than a curt reply. I loved working with her, and she was such a joy to share the experience with!

Alicia Day

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